“The artist’s stroke, a captured moment in time; a thought, a scene, a memory. To be interpreted, discarded, or savored by the one who cares to see.”  – Mary Aiu 2010

Watching horses run freely is captivating, especially if they were just released from the confines of a stall. Striking movements of agility and grace, but most of all, their joyful engagement to be free and move about at will is a sight I never tire of photographing. As they move about, each displaying their own unique flare, I feel like I am watching a dancer, with the arena becoming their stage. With the aid of the computer, I can transport these images to a stage of my creation, blending the imagery with the imaged, that’s inspired by their being. Setting them free once again.

With each person’s view of the world being uniquely their own, my imagery reflects my own ideals about beauty and emotional connections. Growing up in a cattle ranching family, horses have always been an important part of my life. Traveling extensively to photograph various breeds, I have become keenly aware, and concerned, that their numbers are disappearing from our landscapes. I am passionate about their majestic beauty and the place they have held in our world throughout history. My artistic intent is to showcase the unbridled horse at liberty, hoping to portray the spirit of the horse in a way that the viewer may not have experienced before.

Mary Aiu is a fine art photographer who spends her time pursuing beautiful horses from around the world. Her work is noted for its ethereal feel, blending photographic components that often result in a painterly quality of the horse in motion. She has been described as one who can share the sensual beauty and depth of spirit in horses within her work.

Her photographs have been exhibited nationally at museums and galleries such as the Center for Fine Art Photography, Center for Photographic Art, Texas Photographic Society, Triton Museum of Art, and the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. She was a guest lecturer at the Monterey Museum of Art, her work has been published in LensWork, and she was awarded a Spotlight in the Black and White Magazine. 

Mary Aiu resides in Suisun Valley, CA and the Monterey Peninsula. She holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts, is a member of the Image Makers of Monterey, and is affiliated with the Camelot Gallery in Nevada City, CA