In the Shadow of Corona

A group show of images from the ImageMakers; “In the Shadow of Corona,” at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel, CA, Sept 4 – October 2 2020. Below is my Artist Statement for my image in the show.

“I have the need to create, but during these months of Sheltering in Place I don’t have the desire to create edgy, moody, or images that convey the darkness of our uncertain times. Certainly, my mind dwells there frequently, but I want to continue to make images that speak of beauty and my connection to nature. My happy place.”

“I photographed this Friesian Stallion in April of 2020. As he ran around the enclosure he stopped and gazed out over the fence at the other horses in the next field, longing to be with them. The fence became the barrier to continue on with his life as he wanted, just as the Covid virus is currently stopping us from living our lives as they once were. The light was beautiful and the stillness in that moment for me was breathtaking. This one image from the day reminded me the most of the healing powers of nature, and to continue to seek out the beauty that resides there. “

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