On the Run # 1 Revisited…………

My series, On the Run, currently has 9 images in the collection. Even though On the Run #1 was the first, it will always remain a special image to me. It began with the start of my love affair to photograph the horse at liberty, and the initial idea with this piece was to create my own herd of running horses, which at the time I had never had the opportunity to photograph before.

The piece began as a cyanotype and then evolved into a photo collage, with the layering of paper bits and additions of my images of horses. No digital tools where used to create the painterly feel, most was achieved by my application of the cyanotype emulsion. Later it was scanned back into the computer for some final tweeking, one of which was to change it to a more earthy color. It was a very satisfying piece for me to do, as I had been missing the physical touch of the artist hand in my photographic work.

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