My heart is full when I look at this image from my recent trip to India, a trip at times that was both magical and heartbreaking. With a heavy heart I watched elephants carry tourists up and down the steep banks of Amber Fort, and then journey back home to their compounds some distance away. Twice being brought to tears in their presence, once in locking eyes and reaching to place my hand on an old retired elephant. The second, was after walking away from the family who looked after this elephant pictured here, at the meger compound where they both lived together side by side. There was sadness in seeing the concrete walls that was home to this elephant, but the magic and love that was shared in the moments I spent photographing the elephant with the children I knew his life was not without love. And for that I am grateful.

When I look back over my images from the trip I am constantly reminded of the elephants fragile existence and the connection that exists between these magnificent beasts and mankind. My hope is their existence will continue to be worthy and thrive as we share this planet as one.

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