Dartmoor Mare

Dartmoor Mare is on her way to a new home. She was recently part of the exhibition: Nothing but Blue Skies; Art of the West at the Carl Cherry Center for Arts in Carmel. I am humbled that someone enjoyed the look in her eye and the wind blowing through her mane enough to make the decision that they wanted to look at her everyday on their walls. Our living space is such a personal thing, a place to nurture our souls, our retreat, the place we call home.

Most of my work these days are composited images, born from the corners of my mind that don’t tell a story necessarily, but rather, possibly, generate a personal emotional response; a feeling, sentiment, a longing of sorts. But above all I hope it evokes a deep sense of beauty to the viewer. However, Dartmoor Mare is not a composite, just what I call a straight photograph that needed nothing else from me, but what her and I shared on the Dartmoor that day. A locking of eyes and the wind in our hair.

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