I’m delighted to announce that I will be a quest lecturer at the Monterey Museum of Art On March 13th, 1pm-2pm.

Photomontage in the Digital Age

The umbrella over the medium of photography is constantly evolving, and while manipulating images is not new to the world of photography, the digital age has provided unique tools the photographer can use. Mary Aiu will discuss how these tools have helped reshape her photographic work on a more personal level, in working beyond the camera capture to create photomontages that blur the lines between the imagery and the imagined.

Mary is a native Californian who splits her time between homes on the Monterey Peninsula and her ranch with horses in Suisun Valley. She holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts and was an arts educator for 25 years. She now enjoys pursuing beautiful horses from around the world with her camera in hand, creating imagery that is inspired by their being and her ideals of beauty and emotional connections.


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