Shared moments…….

Photographing people is a tricky business for me, so I rarely include them in my imagery. There is a true art in doing this well, but for me, more often than not, I just feel like I am invading someone’s space with my camera lens. I think it helps if you know something about the person, maybe it’s an understanding of their character, or some aspect about their life to add truth to the photograph.

Since I photograph horses in various situations, there is always an owner attached to them. I don’t always know all of them personally, but most often, I can sense a profound love for their horse. Anyone can own a horse, but to build that bond, a relationship of respect, takes time. The camera doesn’t lie and neither does the horse, so to capture that moment that speaks of their relationship is something, well, I don’t mind invading. It just seems natural to me, and I suppose we connect in that shared space of like mindedness, that links us with a mutual love of the horse.

I feel that connection here in this photograph taken on a recent trip to southern France. In photographing Yves work with his beautiful PRE stallions as they ran at liberty around his arena, it was clear that there was that shared bond between them, and it speaks to me; he is theirs and they are his.


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