Monterey County Artists Open Studio and More…………

September will be a busy month for me. On the top of my list, I will be traveling to England, and then spending eight days photographing horses in southern France. Can’t get any better than that!

Additionally, Wildlife Beyond Borders will be opening our fourth venue at the Pacific Grove Art Center, from September 2nd – October 27th.  However, I’m really disappointed that I will miss the opening on September 2nd, as I will be in England then. They will have some additional events at the gallery on September 23rd & Oct 7th, and I will be in attendance for those.

Lastly, I will be one of the artists participating in the Monterey County Artist Studio Tour the weekend of September 24th -25th.  I am #44 on the tour map, and the locations for all the artists can can be viewed on the Arts Habitat site

Oh yes, and last but not least, The Center for Photographic Arts will have their annual 8×10 Fundraiser beginning in late September.  Once again I  will be included in the Buy in Now, where you can buy one of my five images off the wall right then instead of taking a chance on a drawing.


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