Back in October I had the opportunity to take a whale watching cruise out on Monterey Bay. There had been an abundance of Humpback Whales this season as the food had been plentiful. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, so with hopes set high, off we went.  We came upon a number of feeding whales and were treated to a few breaches as well. Unfortunately, when you’re traveling with a boat load of people, getting in there to capture where the action is happening winds up leaving you with some missed photo opportunities. So it was really, just whale watching most of the time.

Thankfully the common dolphin pods were running in great numbers. They seemed to be so curious, almost as if they swam to look at us instead of vise versa. They were putting on quite a show, swimming swiftly around and under the boat, with many an eye staring back at us. Sometimes all you can do is hope, and rely on the serendipity of the moment. So with that, I hung my camera over the side of the boat, and just shot away as the frenzy unfolded with the energy of the moment. Some things you can’t control, nor were you meant too……..

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