mag cover12In May 2015 I was attending a print review for the members of the Center of Photographic Art in Carmel, and there I had the pleasure of meeting Connie and Jerry Rosenthal, from Rfotofolio.  Even though I had no knowledge they would be there, I was not unfamiliar with the work they do. They have created a non-profit in support of the beauty of photography as a fine art medium, and support artists, both emerging and established, that have found their passion behind the lens. They viewed my prints during the critique, and asked if I would like to be interviewed for their website. Having been familiar with their website, I was very humbled and equally excited that they would ask me to be part of the many other wonderful artists that they have interviewed, and are included on their site.

So here is the link to my interview. May I suggest that if you love photography sign up for their emails, and you will never miss a moment of what they do. Thank you Connie and Jerry for supporting me on my journey.

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