A Farrier’s Story……

My how time flys! Hard to believe a year has passed since I last paid a visit to the Hunewill Ranch in Bridgeport, CA.  I just love coming here, and having the time to myself to explore as I wish, and take as much time as I need. No rush, just me, and four whole days! I come here to photograph the horses, all 120 of them, but this is a working cattle ranch so you never know what each day will bring. That also means I’m up with the sun so I don’t miss a thing, as these cowboys start early!

This time of year the farrier is in the barn getting some of the horses ready for their annual cattle drive to move the cattle down to Smith Valley for the winter where it is alittle warmer. It was a special treat this year to watch him shoe the draft horses. The smoke from the hot iron against the hoof wall made for some special captures. Love the draft horses, they truly are gentle giants.


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