The State Fair has proven to be a good venue for me, with having one image selected last year, and two this year. My image last year sold, and this year the image pictured here sold as well, with a second person contacting me to see if they could purchase one too. While I wasn’t selected as a big winner by the judge, just being selected is an honor. I am always reminded that the selection process for a show is always subjective, and while one may not be looking, there is always someone else who is. My image caught the eye of the writer in the link below, and her question leaves one to ponder, but my answer is a simple one. Is learning to control the tool of a painter require anymore refinement than the tools available to the photographer. She is right, the lines are blurry, but only to those who want to see them as such……………

As far as my own work, I will say, I am first and foremost an artist who enjoys the medium of photography, capturing what is compelling to me through my lens. The digital tools are no different than a paint brush that needs to be mastered in such a way that expresses the artist’s vision.

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