Among the Oak Trees #2

A new image in my continuing series “Among the Trees,” and one of three that sold during the reception for my solo show at the Ledgewood Creek Winery. I’m delighted how it turned out, especially with the oak trees in the background.

The color and appearance of the background wasn’t achieved with just the tree composite. I also scanned in a watercolor wash that I had textured using salt to layer over the background. This warmed up the image and gave it a more painterly look which I found appealing. It is a difficult decision at times, whether to leave an image in color, or turn it into black & white. I think this image has appeal either way, but I let the color of the landscape, and my memories of wanderings in oak groves, help me make that final decision.

I always wonder when an image sells what it was about the piece that the buyer connected with. Was it just they loved the horses, or did it spark a memory from their past of some sort. For me, it wasn’t just the color that drew me in, but more a connection to the past with oak trees in a sensory kind of way; with color, smells, light, and the sound of rustling leaves under the horse’s hooves. I do love trees, a wonderful playground for me even today. If I ever become to feeble to walk amongst the trees, I will look back at my pictures and dream………….

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