This piece is currently in the Benicia Arts show, “Art of a Community,” and I’m pleased to say that it found a happy home on the night of the reception. I completed this piece in October, and as I was working on it I almost hit the delete button during a moment of frustration, as I just wasn’t feeling anything with the piece. However, I’m learning to walk away to breathe, and in this case that was a good thing, as I saw it with a renewed spirit.

Personally for me, this is my favorite image for 2013, as it achieves what I wanted to accomplish with the rushing herd collection, “On the Run.” When I begin a new piece I don’t start out with a big plan on how to get there, it usually develops as I work through it. However, I make some choices on what to begin with, and that starts with choosing some backgrounds that I think will add interesting textures, light, and placement for the horses. These pieces are labor intensive, and this particular one was created with two blended composites for the background, and five extracted horses. Searching through my catalog for the special horse images to include, have to be ones with an exceptional head capture and body flair. I only have 3 so far in this collection, and with each one, when it all comes together I want it to have energy, but with a painterly quality.

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