This passing year for me has marked a turning point with my photographic imagery. Beginning in 2012 I made the choice to photograph more what is a passion of mine, with that being to capture the spirit of the horse. This year my catalog of images has brought me to the beginnings of creating three collections within my horse imagery, that being “Horses on the Run,” “Horses Among the Trees,” and “Along for the Ride.” As I photograph individual horses I see their own personal flair come through, whether it be under saddle or not. Through compositing I am able to extract the horses, and place them in a setting that best tells the story I wish to say. I haven’t abandon my need to just get out into the world with my camera and photograph what has captured my attention for the day, but the horse is my favorite inspiration.
Looking back is always a great way to move forward within a direction. So, with this blog I want to post what I personally feel are my 3 best images from 2013. My direction in 2014 will be to further add to my 3 collections I mentioned above. As an artist it is exciting to wonder what is to comeMAiuInTheWoods#2



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