I Love Dogs Too………

This picture makes me smile……… maybe it’s because I was there, but I think anyone who is a dog lover will see something special in this image.

A few weeks ago, I noticed something unusual on a large parcel that we view below our house. This parcel had been dry farmed, and on it was a huge herd of sheep, must have been over a 1000 head. Obviously they were strip grazing the remnants from the grass that was left over after the harvest. As I watched from afar, I was curious how they were keeping the sheep contained in the field, and also if the herd was affected by the numerous coyotes we have in our valley. As the days went by I could see by the color change in the land that the back parcel, which is separated by a creek, was just about grazed off. I was hoping that before they left they would move the herd across the creek to the front of the property, so then the sheep would be more accessible to photograph. Turned out, my wish was answered.

I ventured down early in the morning, and the timing was perfect. The sun was filtering through the trees and caught the dust that was airborne from the herd moving. Took a few shots, but I wasn’t really feeling connected with much, other than the lighting was beautiful. As I looked through my lens, almost unnoticable as he was the same color as the sheep, was a dog! Even though he spotted me, and was wagging his tail, he never left his post. A true working dog, and with that the answer to who was watching out for the coyotes……………… “The Guardian”

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