Feeling Grateful……….

The 2013 California State Fair recently concluded and I’m happy to say, not only did I have a piece selected for the Fine Art show, but my entry, “On the Run,” sold as well. For me, there is something really quite special when someone makes the decision to purchase my work. I am honored by the fact that someone has connected with my piece so much so, that they want it to be part of their living space on a daily basis.

This image has been one of my favorites, as it was the first in a collection I am continuing to work on, where the concept was to create a running herd. I’ve been photographing horses now for a couple of years, but that has been limited to having one or two horses to photograph at a time. Using the computer as the tool, as a painter would a brush, allows me to manipulate the photographic medium with an idea outside the initial camera capture. This is where I feel the most personal satisfaction and my storytelling begins. I could never not share the raw beauty in what I find while wandering with my camera, but I enjoy more what is created from my processing after the fact. I’m excited how the possibilities under the umbrella of photography have grown. To me, it doesn’t matter what path you chose to get there, as the road is open to many possibilities for the image-maker today. However, the icing on the cake is when you have an audience that embraces what you do…………

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