The Cruise was a Sea of Dreams …………

I’ve recently returned from a wonderful trip to Alaska, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed as I look through the images from my adventure. I almost don’t know where to begin. We had perfect weather, of which produced incredible light that made the scenics startling beautiful, almost surreal at times. The trip was only a glimpse of the Alaskan wild spirit, but nevertheless the shades of green were endless, the drama of the glaciers was incredible, and the whale excursion was wondrous.

The camera is a beautiful thing, in that it records a moment in your life for you to visually relive again and again …….. especially those certain moments that take your breath away. Unfortunately, many opportunities were lost as they passed by as a result from my traveling from the confinements of the boat, train, or bus, which didn’t allow a grazing type photographer, such as myself, the opportunity to live in the moment. Makes you wish you were unencumbered and able to spend endless time salvoring those moments………..

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