Forgotten Icons……………….

For the last year, adjacent to a highway I travel frequently, I have noticed in passing a herd of Clydesdale horses that began with two and has grown to eight now. I have oftened wondered if they are a retired herd of the famous Budweiser horses, but I have never stopped for a closer look, as they are usually off in the distance. However, today the opportunity came along as they were clustered just off the frontage road. Although I am only speculating, and hoping my suspicions are incorrect, but as I stopped my car I could see that these horses had consistant markings and some with docked tails that could indicate that they were once driving horses. As I exited my car one of these big beauties saw me and immediately came strolling over to the fence line. So big and beautiful a creature, it was if she could tell me her story in those soleful brown eyes. As she got closer it became apparent that no one was attending to her maintenance, as I now had a closer view to see the broken overgrown hooves and the matted burrs in her coat. I guess in my perfect world I would expect something more from a wealthy corporate company who once pampered this show horse, grooming her to perfection, to now discard her shelterless because of her age. As I stroked her and she eventually turned to leave, I only wish I had some carrots to offer so she would know that not all have forgotten………………..

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