A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever ………..

What is it that draws me to creating photographic imagery; in asking myself that question reveals a very simple answer…….. beauty. The countless hours spent escaping into my peaceful search for what is beautiful to me is a labor of love. It may not be a subject search in the literal sence, but rather the final outcome may be more figurative in nature. Certainly what is beautiful to one can vary greatly to another and as my day progresses the story unfolds.  For many, beauty may be found simply in the subject itself as we often find in a landscape. However in my case, it’s often the nuances of the light that draw attention to the subtle details or edgy differences within the structure of the image that make the difference for me. I will say its much easier for me to describe what I am trying to say with a photograph then it is to put this into words. It’s just one of those things you know…………I feel it deeply when I see it.

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