Love Is………….

Producing some images for an upcoming shown entitled “The Love Show,” I had to decipher what “love is” and depict it photographically. Certainly on a personnel level love can be defined by each of us in a different way. It may bring to mind visions of a fond memory from another place and time, moments shared with special people, or the earthly gifts of flowers. Most photographs have a story within them, whether that story is straight  forward or requires you to take a moment to contemplate the meaning.   In the images I created for the show, unknown to the viewer, are subjects that have personal meaning to me. They contain objects that belonged to my family in which I enjoyed playing with as a child. They bring back warm memories of my youth and the song produced by them is still very fresh. The rose was placed in the image as a universal symbol of love to tie the elements in the image together. My hope is that they bring a feeling of nostalgia to the viewer and a song from memory.

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