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Many of the horses in my gallery “The Horses” are owned by a wonderful nonprofit organization called Access Adventure. Their home base is located at one of the Solano Land Trust properties, Rush Ranch. Their Mission; to enrich the lives of people with disabilities and other underserved members of the community by providing outdoor recreation, open space access, education and therapy, through a working partnership with horses. Michael Muir, director of Access Adventure and great grandson to the famous conservationist John Muir, has had Multiple Sclerosis since he was 15.  He himself is an accomplished horseman, and even though he has MS, I have never witnessed that the struggles associated with this disease slow him down. I have been interacting with Michael for over a year now and I consider him to be a remarkable person.
The program doesn’t exist without the help from volunteers, such as these pictured here. These people have chosen to reach out beyond themselves, to help care for the horses and assist with all the tasks to bring Access Adventure to the disabled public to enjoy. Check out their web site at
I love this quote; “Access Adventure is about freedom. When we are not limited by the challenges we face, we are free to challenge our limits. Give wings to the dreams of people living with the challenges of disability.”

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